Spiral Separators by Jacobs Manufacturing
spiral seperators by Jacobs manufacturing
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 spiral separators


spiral separator

As a soybean seedsman your primary concern has to be profit. That means increased capacity, efficient removal of all impurities including misshapen, cracked and split soybean seeds, and improved vigor and germination of a seed lot.


Our spiral gives you that profit. In fact, no other soybean cleaner comes close to matching the overall performance of the AMOS spiral. Independent University tests have shown that the AMOS spiral separator easily cleans up to 300% more seed than conventional spirals. Plus, since each seed lot differs, you can fine-tune your spirals for precision operations Our spiral has also proven superior in separating corn from beans.

Our Spiral Separator will clean any product that can be gravity flowed through spirals, separated by density and shape, such as:

If you have another product not listed here, we'd be happy to test its potential in our system.
  • Single intake with standard clamp ring.
  • Seed divides equally to the four spirals
  • Replaceable spirals; easily replaced when worn
  • Rubber lining for long wear, quiet operation and gentle handling
  • Sliding baffle plate to allow user to reduce cleanout of flatter soybean varieties
  • High capacity- University trial rate our separators capacity 300% greater than conventional spirals
  • Double open spiral separator
    This Separator is used from removing giant morning glory from soybeans, mustard, wild peas, vetch, cockle, soybeans or any round seed from wheat, rye, barley, oats, flaxseed and other grains, screening or seeds.
    Operates by gravity... The double separator contains two units of spirals fed from a large hopper at the top, with an adjustable feed plate for each unit. The seed leaving the hopper runs over a cone divider which spreads the feed evenly to each of the five flights in each unit. Going down the flights the round kernels travel at a much faster speed than the kernels which are not round. Their momentum increases until the round seeds run over the edge of the inner spirals, drop into the outer spiral, and discharge through a spout at the bottom side of the machine. The non-round seed remains on the small flights and slides down to a separate discharge spout at the bottom center of the unit.
    Since there are no moving parts, no power is required to operate the machine. When the feed has been properly set, the separator continues to operate automatically as long as there is grain in the hopper.

    Constructed of galvanized steel in a strong robust frame.

    Double Open Spiral